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Originally started as a culinary road-trip vacation in 2015, Car to Farm is now a curated farm-to-table tour that explores the homemade side of cooking in the Italian countryside and with an eye on bodymind wellness. Yoga, meditation, and trail running will be offered along with cooking lessons led by the local grandmas and farm owners, and inspired by a more plant-based, local and seasonal diet.

The first itinerary, called NORDOVEST is named after the Italian translation of North West, and will explore 3 locations in Lombardia, Liguria, and Tuscany.


10 people


3 regions

2 farms

1 medieval town

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Each location offers the most authentic local food. No menu will be necessary. We take care of your allergies and intolerances, if any.

As this is a farm to table focused tour you would expect to see farm and food. In fact, you will see both, and much more! Like cooking demonstrations and hands-on classes.

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We believe in bodymind health and we will inspire you to take our yoga an meditation classes offered every morning by a local practitioner right we start our explorations. You can join Mauro for a run in the local area. Or you can try Colorpuncture to release that pain or that tension on your head.



Car to Farm will connect you to people that really care about visitors not only as clients, but focusing on making new friends firstLike the mom of a farm's owner, Margherita, who will cook for you and all our guests.


Each location comes with activities tied to the local territory such as cheese and olive oil making visits, farm activities. We also keep an eye on local festivals and "sagra popolare" where we can join the locals in celebrating the harvest or other popular tradition.

We are what we eat.
— Aristotle
Aside from the amazing off-the-map places that we have visited, meeting these extraordinary people made this journey an unforgettable experience
— Franca, Mauro's mom
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It feels amazing to experience the company of these people who share the passion for food and traditions of their own land and family.
— Alaina, co-founder of Car to Farm



Educational Farm on top of the Hills in  Lombardy -  Two families have been working together for at least a couple of generations to create this beautiful and peaceful retreat on top of the hills between Lombardy and Piedmont.

Sample of the Day Activities: yoga, breakfast, farm visit, cooking demonstration & lunch, sunset running or meditation (optional) paragliding (optional), astronomical observatory. Visit to local olive grove and wine vineyards.

Terrace Farm above sea cliffs in  Liguria - You can only get to this little gem by hiking up from sea level or down from the mountain top. You picked the ladder for you ;-) When you arrive, the members of the association that manage the place will meet you with a great smile! 

Sample of the Day Activities: yoga, breakfast, terrace gardens & mill visit, cooking demonstration, lunch, live music by local band, dinner, star gazing. Visit to local abbey and fishing town. 

Tuscan Medieval Town - Giuseppina's school is in a perfect location for tourists who want to experience cooking in an incredible perfectly restored medieval town, all while eating great local homemade food.

Sample of the Day Activities: yoga or run (optional), breakfast, farmer market shopping, hands-on cooking, truffle hunting ($optional), wine vineyard, running or meditation (optional), dinner in local trattoria, live jazz


Itinerary may slightly change upon weather and other unforeseen conditions




Hi! My name is Mauro..

I was born in Milan, Italy, but I've been for the past 20 years in NYC where I lived the American dream and met most of my lifetime friends. After quitting smoking cigarettes many years ago I started living a new type of lifestyle where fitness and healthier food was at the center of it. Suddenly life at the desk became stale and unfit for my new life. I become a Health Coach and started seeing clients on the side. Finally, realizing that the food landscape was changing for me and around me, I quit my desk job in 2015 and I returned back to Italy to road-trip the countryside with my mom to explore the healthier, homemade side of cooking. Along with my mom and my girlfriend Alaina, we designed an itinerary based on world of mouth and authentic countryside locations.  We rediscovered the joy of meeting people on the road and taking them places, sharing food, and sharing a lifestyle that them too can take upon themselves for a happier existence!



Hi! My name is Alaina...


My connection to my culture was always tied to the kitchen. As a child, it was always known that Sundays were the time of gathering with family and looking forward to the magical food that would come out of my grandmother's oven. 

Food for me are memories and traditions that I've carried all my life. When family ties grew distant, I searched for that familiar connection among the large (but yet small) Italian community that I eventually found in my NYC home over the last decade. Being a third generation Italian from Sicily and Naples, I was able to fulfill my dreams of visiting the motherland numerous times and deepening myself within the culture and language through my new group of friends. Although not related by blood, I always felt welcome because our roots go back to the same place. 

Each time I visit Italy, I experience this feeling that I can't put into words--- but something about it just feels like home. Although I have no living family in Italy, after an intense application process, I was able to track down my family lineage and obtained my dual citizenship. I feel so proud to hold an Italian passport and will continue to honor my heritage. 

I've since become a certified Integrative Health Coach and Car to Farm is the perfect opportunity to combine the passion I have of my culture, food, and healthy living. My mission is to share, and inspire all of you who join us along this journey!




All meals

All accommodations at local Agriturismo/Farm Stays (6 nights)

Accommodation at Como Center design hotel (1 night)

All airport and Location Transfers

All ground transportation via private bus and driver

All local activities with local guides such as truffle hunting, cheese making, olive oil production tour

Hands-on regional Cooking Lesson

Wellness Activities (Meditation, Yoga, jogging)

One 45-minute Intro Session to Colorpuncture with Mauro

Access to $optional$ Healing Therapy (Colorpuncture with Mauro)

A Travel Concierge to Assist in Booking & Monitoring Your Flights (powered by Fifth Meridian Travels)

Travel app with itinerary and hints for each location (requires iPhone or Android phones)

2% of  your purchase will be donated to Common Thread, a charity dedicated to educate kids about food. 



International Airfare 

Gratuities & Tips

Additional activities not included in the itinerary provided



$3,695 with 50% deposit

BOOKING CLOSES on February 15, 20181


Booking Deadlines

• 50% deposit at time of booking
• Final payment 90 days before departure
• Refunds of deposit:
o 120 days prior to departure; 75% of deposit refundable
o 90 days prior to departure; 50% of deposit refundable
o Less than 90 days prior to departure; No refunds available

Car To Farm Tour is committed to transparency. You can read our simple Terms & Conditions. Please contact us with any questions at all that has not been answered in the FAQ below. You can reach out using the chat system at the bottom of the page or via email.

CAR TO FARM - West Coast Farms Tour
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+ What is the average temperature?

Because our tour will travel from North to South we might experience a different range of temperatures. Consider this table below for the Spring season: Northern Italy: 50-70F (10-21C) Central Italy: 55-70F (12-21C) Consider that the temperature will vary depending whether in the mountains, or by the lake district.

+ Do I have to attend every trip?

The tour is set to a mandatory number of stops, so yes. The only location we are considering offering an alternative option is the Liguria one, where a 35-40min hike down the hill is necessary to reach the farm. Other events like cooking classes and local tours are optional although already included in the package.

+ Do I have to attend every wellness activity?

Absolutely not. We spread activities throughout the day to make it easy for you to join when it's most convenient for you. We will routenily have yoga in the morning, running in the afternoon, and meditation in the evening.

+ I trust experienced tour operators. Do you work with one?

Yes, we partnered with an experienced tour operator that and has over 10 years of experience organizing trip for indivudals and groups all over the world.

+ Should I get additional Travel Insurance?

Due to the unusual nature of Car to Farm® asks you that you buy additional individual insurance that will cover you in case of an accident or even a cancelled flight. Even though the tour doesn't have any dangerous elements attached to the all-included optional itinerary's activities, we want to be sure that you are prepared for any eventuality. We recomend using our partners World Nomads, who help travelers do good while enjoying their vacations. Check tem out at https://www.worldnomads.com/make-a-difference

+ Is the tour Family friendly?

Yes, we welcome families and encourage to bring the children along! C2F is a great educational and fun experience like no others!

+ Is the tour kid safe?

Yes. We advice kids of age 14 and older so that they can fully enjoy the experience. We do require an accompanying adult that will be the solely responsible for the minor during the whole Car to Farm experience.

+ What regions are we going to travel through and staying?

This tour focused on the West Coast Farms and the accomodations are going to be in the Lombardy, Liguria, Tuscan, and Lazio regions.

+ Is there a lot of walking?

All transportation between each location is provided via a private bus. In general, unless specified

+ I have allergies. Can you help?

Yes, we can acomodate general allergies and work with hosts to minimize exposure. However, farm kitchens are not contaminant-free environments and we will have judge each situation individually.

+ I have dietary restrictions. Can you help?

Yes, let's talk about it. We can arrange for your specific need.

+ Will be animals at the farms where we will be staying?

Yes! One of the most exciting ideas around Car to Farm is to get familiar with farm animals. Most of them will be pet-friendly, and some other you will be available to feed with your own hands, and guided by expert farmers.

+ What should I bring with me?

The complete checklist will be sent to you in the welcome email after you book the trip!

+ Do I need to be super fit for this trip?

No. However, we do reccomend a good physical fitness enough to experience short hikes, short walks on trails, and disconnected terrain in general.

+ I have a medical condition, can I still join the trip?

You should reach out to us before booking and help us understand if that's something that could in the way of your experience.

+ What additional activities I might have to pay for?

Although most of the activities are included in the package, some will be optional and will have a cost associated with it. You will be provided with a list of options, but here are some examples: truffle hunting, Kite surfing, Parasailing, horseback riding, etc

+ Can I come as a single?

Yes! We love singles, and local italians love them too! Come explore with us! A small extra fee will be charged for solo travellers.

+ Is there a single occupancy option?

Yes but not all locations will not have single occupancy option. Farms are small and room will be limited and in a couple of occasions we will have to use the space with have to sleep everyone.

+ We are a group of 10 or less. Can you organize trip only for us?

Yes, we can provide additional date in June or September for special occasions.

+ We are a company and want to organize a sponsored trip for our employees/execiutives. Can you organize trip only for us?

Yes! We already have some requests for white labeling our trip. Reach out and tell us what you'd like to organize using our locations and logistics.

+ What do you mean by flight concierge?

Once you book your Car to Farm Tour, you will have access to a concierge service that will help you with the tour itself, but also with additional requests such as extending your stay, but also booking your flight.

+ Before and after I book the trip, can I talk to someone for additional clarifications?

Yes, once you book, you will have access to our virtual concierge and ask any questions you might have and address any needs you and your guests have.

+ I would like to stay in Italy longer, can you help me plan?

yes, another great service provided by our powerful virtual concierge.

+ Where can I read your Terms and Conditions?

You can find the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page or here.

+ Can I give a trip as a gift?

Absoultely! Keep in mind that our cancellation policy still applies to trips purchased as gifts.


Read more Car to Farm® Tour Terms & Conditions here.


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