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This page describes in detail why Car To Farm Tour™ is such a unique travel experience so that you can write about it on your blog or magazine. At the bottom of this page you will find a link to download the press release along with a set of  high quality photos. 

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  • In 2015 mauro took a big chance and left his 6-digit paying 15-year long AdTech career for a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle.
  • In 2015, Mauro took his mom who lives in Italy on a road trip to visit local farms in the countryside based on a word-of-mouth recommendation from his network
  • The vacation has been designed by Health Coach Mauro with a lifestyle experience and authentic local food in mind
  • Together, Fifth Meridian Travel and Car To Farm Tour™ has over 13 years of combined experience in the Healthy Lifestyle & Travel space.



So what's so special about Car to Farm Tour™ ?

The wellness industry is growing at exponential rates. The lives that we are building for ourselves are trapping us in a jungle of technology, stress, and fast pace routines. That unbalance creates disease and eventually unhappiness. Regaining balance in one's life can be as easy as planning some time off practicing activities that will restore harmony, breaking the old routine, and perhaps creating a new one.

Car to Farm Tour™ has been designed to provide an opt-in experience where guests are able to primarily connect with nature, authentic local people, and experience a mix type of fitness and wellness activities. 



Guests will be staying at family-owned farms-turned-hospitality-facilities called Agriturismo. Each location offers the most authentic local food cooked by the family itself. No menus, all meals, cooking demonstrations and hands-on classes are included!

Car to Farm Tour™ will connect travelers to local people that really care about share their family lives with their guests.

The people that will host us are not your average travel industry professionals. They are communities that are passionate of their land and their culture, and love this opportunity to share it all with you.



We believe in body-mind health and we will inspire you to take our daily yoga and meditation classes offered every morning by a local practitioner right before we start our explorations. You can also join Mauro in the afternoon for a fun run in the local area. You will get to learn about therapeutic-grade essential oils to support common conditions, and you'll be able to try Colorpuncture, a technology similar to acupuncture but with colors and light, and without needles. It's even included a health coaching workshop where food diet is discussed as part of a lifestyle regiment, and not simply a non-sustainable routine.



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There is nothing better than bringing home products and services that you got to try on a lifestyle vacation. Therapeutic grade essential oils, whole foods supplements, healthy snacks and foods, online meditation and yoga services discounts; so that the traveler can go home with a bag full of stuff and memories. The twist is: the products and services are USA based, so no need to import your favorite food from Italy or to reproduce what we had going for them over there. That's one way we plan to help our guests continue their vacation back at home. 


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We believe in giving back and in this sharing economy. That is why we give back 3% of our profits to CommonThreads, a company that teaches kids across the USA to cook with vegetables and whole foods. We also are a responsible travel company, and source services locally from our yoga instructors to our bus operators. Our Italian partners will get fair fees and will be given an opportunity to build a business  along our growth.



The typical Car to Farm Tour™ traveler is someone who wants to maintain healthy habits when traveling, spending time to get to know their surrounding in terms of both popular local culture and authentic farming cuisine.


Thanks for your interest in Car To Farm Tour™ - we are looking forward to answer your questions. We have reserved one spot on each tour, so that you can join us for a complete review on your publication. Inquire at press at


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