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Last summer Mauro (myself) & my mom Franca traveled by word of mouth only throughout the North of Italy to the center of the peninsula and back around on a journey that took us to local farms (agriturismi), food producers, and small trattorie (restaurants). We interviewed our hosts and lived a day in their lives at their country homes or workplaces. At the end of each visit, all of our contacts gave us a quick and simple recipe using a few, fresh ingredients that can easily be made in your own kitchen. The food, stories, and inspirations gathered from these culinary experiences will soon become a cookbook and a video web series for all to enjoy.

This year we partnered up with Fifth Meridian Travel to recreate the excitement and the thrill of traveling word of mouth with us. Starting Spring 2017 we will invite people to come along and visit places, eat healthy food, and meeting the same amazing people that were part of our past adventures, and that together with you will create new ones!

Why Traveling With Us?

Even vegetables travel safe with us!

Even vegetables travel safe with us!

We had so much fun during our first Car to Farm Tour  in the summer of 2015, that we want to bring along more people to share the same magic moments we have experienced. This is not your usual Bella Vita experience of Italy. This is the tour of the Italy that stands behind traditions and city life. This tour is based on farm to table food and lifestyle. The hosts and locations that we hand-pick for you to explore the authenticity of food and people. 

This year we partnered up with a travel agency whose mission is to recreate amazing experiences and itineraries that are guaranteed to expect expectations.






MAURO (All trips)

MAURO (All trips)

FRANCA (Selected trips only)

FRANCA (Selected trips only)

ALAINA (Selected trips only)

ALAINA (Selected trips only)

DONA (Selected trips only)

DONA (Selected trips only)





Each location offers the most authentic local food. No menu will be necessary. We take care of your allergies and intolerances, if any.

Read some food tips from the 2015 trip here.



As this is a farm to table focused tour you would expect to see farm and food. In fact, you will see both, and much more!

See full list of the locations below. 



Car to Farm will connect you to people that really care about visitors not only as clients, but focusing on making new friends first. See what my mom says about the people that we met during our trip (coming soon).



Each location comes with activities tied to the local territory such as cheese and olive oil making visits, farm activities. If we have done it in the original tour, you will do it too, plus so some more! We also have a busy calendar of local festivals and "sagra popolare" where we will join the locals in celebrating the harvest or other popular tradition.



Tour Live Map

Hidden Local Restaurant and Lake District Tour in Lombardy - Tucked away from the touristic areas, this hidden restaurant in Como has loyal locals coming back year after year! We sat down with owners Patrizia and Massimo in their lovely garden to find out why.

Educational Farm on top of the Hills in  Lombardy - The two families Vohwinkel and Bodratti, have been working together for at least a couple of generations to create this beautiful and peaceful retreat on top of the hills between Lombardy and Piedmont.

Terrace Farm above sea cliffs in  Liguria - You can only get to this little gem by hiking up from sea level or down from the mountain top. When you arrive, the members of the association that manage the place will meet you with a great smile! 

Cooking School in Tuscan Medieval Town - Giuseppina Pizzolato's school is a perfect location for tourists who want to experience cooking in an incredible perfectly restored medieval town, all while eating great local homemade food.

Bracciano Lake Farm in Lazio - If you have never been in a farm before, this one will satisfy your appetite. Margherita and family will show you around and tell you stories from generations back while serving you food and meats from their land and garden.

National Park Farm in Abruzzo - This nature preserve hosts an education center where you will find a wood and linen laboratory, farro mills, and an astronomy observatory managed by different non-profit associations who operate within the Abruzzo park areas. We met with Fernando di Fabrizio and Damiano Ricci who were our perfect hosts.

Wine and olive oil producer in Romagna - We stayed with Gianluca Stramenga and Isabella while exploring this picturesque region. We arrived just in time for a sunset aperitivo facing their beautiful wine estates and they eagerly shared some wonderful tricks in the kitchen.

Additional trip highlights might include: a day on an olive oil grove, a meat and cheese farm, and dinner on a trabucco (an old fishing structure that is now a highly regarded restaurant on the sea!)



TOUR THREE: ITALIAN ISLANDS (coming late 2017)

More details coming in 2017. Sign up for the newsletter here!


Included in Your Trip (sample)

  • Airport and Locations Transfers
  • 12 Nights Accommodations in local farms or small family-owned hospitality structures
  • Organic Farm Visits with Tastings
  • Transfers via private bus
  • Car to Farm Tour  founder and host Mauro leading all the tours
  • Additional Car to Farm special guests Franca, Alaina, and Donata from Fifth Meridian Travel hosting selected tours
  • Private Local Guides for some activities such as cheese making, olive oil production tour, etc. See full list of activities here
  • Most homemade lunch and dinner meals, some with hands-on cooking. See full list here
  • (3) Hands-on regional Cooking Lessons
  • Cheese Making Experience
  • Meditation or Yoga with local instructor.
  • Running (with Mauro) in all locations surrounding areas.
  • Winery Visit with Tasting and Lunch
  • Olive grove with tasting
  • Day Trips to local medieval or old towns
  • A Travel Concierge to Assist in Booking & Monitoring Your Flights by Fifth Meridian Travel

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